Just some animation and other demos. Not very useful.


Some simple particle animations using Canvas.


A simple version of an old classic.

Connected Graph Animation

Recursive Nested HTML divs

CSS 3D Demos

Some CSS-3D animations. The HTML is generated by JS, but the animation is pure CSS.

3D Point clouds

These scripts predate CSS-3D and Canvas3D - they just use plain HTML, CSS and JS.

Lunar Lander

Never finished. Needed terrain and collision detection. The lander flies though.


Also unfinished. Need to add missiles! The rockets fly though.


A simple version of an old classic, written in plain HTML + JS.

Canvas vs SVG Comparison

Create random moving dots until the animation starts to crawl: Canvas is much faster than SVG, but SVG still gives pretty good performance up to thousands of dots, and gives you interaction via DOM events for free.

Random boxes and circles


Simple Animations

Miscellaneous stuff